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MaXiMuM Groove MaXiMuM Groove

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This is for sure a good Hip-Hop loop except...

- When the second part of the song comes in, the bass does not really fit the Hip Hop mood.

- The leads overpower the percussions a little too much, HH is all abut the percussion.

- The main melody gets a little repetitive, also the song does not loop well there is a jump at the end.

overall it is a good attempt at hip except some of the instruments don't fir the Hip hop style.


MaximuMMaximuS responds:

i only put it in hiphop because thats what it fits into mostly. i dont tailgate the hiphop genre as much as i try to define my own style. i might do something with it later but as of now its not supposed to be anything more than a simple loop

thanks for your critique though

as for the skip, ill try and fix that thanks.